Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Very Upset!

I usually try to keep my posts happy and upbeat but right now I am so mad and I just have to vent. We didn't go to therapy today because I had a late meeting at school that I couldn't miss. Because we knew this ahead of time, we scheduled Christmas pictures at Sears this evening. We have always gotten Peyton's pictures made at Sears and have always been very pleased, that is until tonight. When we got there, a girl I had never seen was taking his pictures. She asked our name and then immediately said "Oh I better hurry and set up. I've heard he is very hard to deal with!" EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? Well of course that just flew all over me so I had to comment back. I said, "Well first of all he's hearing impaired. Second, he is two years old. So I am sure he won't be your easiest client ever but he sure won't be your most difficult." I tried to let it go but I just couldn't. That's my baby she was talking about. She was so unprofessional! And the pictures were not as good as usual either. We took family pictures on Sunday and the lady that took them did such a good job and did a great job with Peyton. Sears usually does the same but tonight was not the case. I will definately be talking to the manager in the morning. I am just furious right now!!!!

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