Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Very Upset!

I usually try to keep my posts happy and upbeat but right now I am so mad and I just have to vent. We didn't go to therapy today because I had a late meeting at school that I couldn't miss. Because we knew this ahead of time, we scheduled Christmas pictures at Sears this evening. We have always gotten Peyton's pictures made at Sears and have always been very pleased, that is until tonight. When we got there, a girl I had never seen was taking his pictures. She asked our name and then immediately said "Oh I better hurry and set up. I've heard he is very hard to deal with!" EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? Well of course that just flew all over me so I had to comment back. I said, "Well first of all he's hearing impaired. Second, he is two years old. So I am sure he won't be your easiest client ever but he sure won't be your most difficult." I tried to let it go but I just couldn't. That's my baby she was talking about. She was so unprofessional! And the pictures were not as good as usual either. We took family pictures on Sunday and the lady that took them did such a good job and did a great job with Peyton. Sears usually does the same but tonight was not the case. I will definately be talking to the manager in the morning. I am just furious right now!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a FUN day!

Today was our AVC Christmas Party in Macon and we all had a blast. Ms. Candace really did a great job throwing an amazing party. Santa came to see the kids and Peyton screamed and would not even get close. He did say "Ho,Ho,Ho" when Santa came in and he turned to the Mrs. Claus's bells when they came in. I was really excited that he detected that sound because it wasn't very loud. Peyton also met a new friend named Grayson and they played with balloons together. It was really neat to meet some other children that are hearing impaired and to be able to talk to their parents. Sharing stories always helps! I don't know how we would have made it this far in this process without AVC. Once again they have out done themselves and thrown an awesome Christmas party!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy, Busy Day!!

Well today was a very busy day for us! We had to go to the audiologist in Atlanta this morning. Gran Gran went with us. We actually went to Jolie's new office at the Atlanta Speech School today and that is a really nice place. Jolie thought he was doing great! She mapped his CI and gave him 4 new programs and we don't have to go back for a month! We came home and I left Peyton with Gran Gran and headed to Athens for the Athens Christmas Parade. Our youth group enters a float every year so I went to help put the finishing touches on it. Robby and his crew work really hard every year and have won several years. Last year we got the best use of lights and this year we are hoping to bring home the big one....The Mayor's Award. And guess what......WE DID!! The float was beautiful and everybody was so excited that we won. I am really tired tonight but it's been a good day. It's back to work tomorrow but at least it's Friday!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know we did! We definately have a lot to be thankful for this year! On Thursday we ate Thanksgiving lunch with Robby's family and it was wonderful, as usual. After lunch, we loaded up and headed south. We got to Blackshear, to my parents' house, about 7:30. We got up very early Friday morning to go shopping. This is a tradition that we do with my Aunt Cindy every year. We go shopping for a while and then come home to another huge Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Of course, Peyton stays home with MeMe and Poppy and gets to sleep a little later than we did. Our Thanksgiving lunch was wonderful at my parents' as well and we really enjoyed visiting with everyone. They really enjoyed spending time with Peyton.

Peyton is doing really good! At first, I was worried because he wasn't responding to anything but now that has changed. I seem to forget that he has to learn how to listen and to respond to sound. Friday he really started turning to sound and to his name. Yesterday, when we were leaving MeMe and Poppy's house he looked at Poppy and said "Bye" just as clear as can be. I thought we were all going to pass out. He also started saying "Hey" this weekend. We tried to get him to say "bye" again but it just came out as "I". That's ok...I'll take it! Now that we are back home he is really responding to his name more, not all the time but definately more than he was. Thanksgiving has a different meaning for us this year. We are very blessed!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First day of therapy…well not really!

No, it’s not his first day of therapy but today was his first day of therapy since his CI was turned on. It really wasn’t the therapy session I was hoping for. Peyton cried a lot and I think he is just really tired. He did respond better but I was just hoping for a little more. Candace and I both think he was just exhausted both auditory exhaustion and physical exhaustion. He’s had a really busy few days. We went early today because of being out of school for Thanksgiving Holidays and Robby didn’t go. My sweet boys from Pembroke, Blake and Garrett, are staying with us for a few days so they went with us. Blake and Garrett (and their parents) are very good friends of mine. They are like family to us and we are very excited for them to be here for a couple of days. I met their parents’ on Sunday. Monday we went to the Georgia Aquarium and had a blast. Peyton loved it. Then we met Robby’s parents and nephews at Logan’s in Athens for dinner. It was a very busy day but we really had a great time. Those boys are the best ever. I can only hope that Peyton grows up and behaves as well as they do. They have to go home tomorrow and it makes me sad. Today after therapy, they played with my nephews and will play with them some more tomorrow. I am also keeping a friend’s little boy so that she and her husband can go to Atlanta with our youth group so I will have a house full of boys tomorrow. It will be a lot of fun though!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It worked. Peyton’s CI worked and now he can hear. I felt so sorry for him because it scared him to death. He cried every time she turned it on which was great because that meant he was hearing. Jolie, our audiologist, was very pleased with his response. Now the fun begins! We still have a very long road ahead of us but at least we know it is working. When we left Jolie’s office, Peyton heard the traffic on the interstate that runs right by the parking lot. He really didn’t know how to respond but he definitely heard it. How exciting!! When we got home, we played everything we have that makes noise and he just kind of looked at it strange. I know he is wondering what in this world is going on!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tomorrow is activation day!!

Well tomorrow is our activation day! We are VERY nervous. I guess my worse fear is that he won’t respond and the CI won’t work for him. I keep telling myself that if that happens it won’t be the end of the world but I just want my baby to hear and eventually be able to talk. He is such a smart boy that I just want the very, very best for him.